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About me

Rebecka is a versitile and ambitious performer based in Porvoo, Finland. Always ready to learn more and expand her area of skills, Rebecka has gathered experience and knowledge of many different areas in both performing and working with humans. 

Using her voice in different ways as always been a passion for Rebecka. She has trained in many different areas of singing and also studied logopedia for a time. With her voice she is able to truly bring life to a song, text, character or situation. 

Rebecka has a masters degree in theology and has worked many years as a pastor. Meeting people in all life situations and hearing their stories has given her a deep understanding of human beings and the changes in life. This transfers into her character work and gives depth to the work. 

When there is time after working and taking care of her three boys, Rebecka likes to do gardening, bake, knit, take long walks with her dog, go horseback riding and most important of all: enjoy long, serious and not so serious talks with her husband.